The Important Facts about Diabetes

It is quite important to understand and cure diabetes as it is the root cause of many complex diseases. It is a condition where the pancreas produce less or no insulin required for the normal functioning of the body. The glucose is left unabsorbed and its concentration in the blood increase which cause problems such as high blood sugar. 

Diabetes can result in many serious problems such as heart disease, stroke, kidney malfunctioning Type 1 Diabetesand blindness. The human body is comprised of billions of microscopic cells. These cells form tissues, muscles and organs. Each of the body cell needs energy in order to carry out its normal functions. The most readily available form of energy is glucose, which is absorbed in the blood after food digestion.

The glucose is the final form, which the body can use to get energy. It is likely converted after the breakdown of carbohydrates and protein found in food. So, when the glucose is absorbed from intestines into the blood, it needs to reach each cell in the body via blood circulation. But the problem is that glucose won’t get used by cells until blood also has insulin in it. The insulin is produced by beta cells in pancreas. The hormone acts as a key factor for the absorption and use of glucose by body cells.

When cells become insensitive to the insulin or there is no insulin in blood, the diabetic problem occurs. The cells remain deprived of glucose and you start to experience symptoms of diabetes. The unused glucose levels in the blood start to rise and the body tends to decrease its concentration. In order to do so, you experience a feeling of extensive thirst and you want to drink lots of water. The kidneys work many times harder than their normal levels to excrete glucose by passing it through urine. This is the only way your body knows to get rid of the excessive amount of glucose.

Among many of the prediabetic symptoms, excessive urination is also one of them. If you experience such signs, you need to get yourself checked. You may get diagnosed of Type 2 diabetes or the doctors will tell that you are prediabetic.

When body excretes glucose through urination, your cells don’t get the energy they need. You feel hungry and tired and want to eat more. Since, you are suffering from initial diabetes, your body won’t be able to use glucose despite of your overeating pattern. Ultimately, the body starts using the stored fats and converts it into glucose.

The breakdown of stored fats in the body can lead to a condition called ‘ketoneacidosis’. This occurs due to acid production after breakdown. If the condition is left untreated, then it can turn out to be fatal. Being interested to reverse and control diabetes, you can read Max Sidorov Big Diabetes Lie eBook reviews. The book elaborates the right ways and guidelines for reversing diabetes and get rid of it within days.

Diabetes is a serious malfunction which must be treated in the right way. Try using natural methods instead of conventional ways as these tend to produce fewer side effects and considered more effective in the long run.